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Welcome RTR's newest members!

We are incredibly excited to announce two new members joining the RTR family!  First up is Joel Tock.  Joel is a musician, producer, and studio artist known for his incredible work with artists like Stephen Jerzak.  He has been toured countless times, and even played on the world famous Vans Warped Tour.  Joel join's RTR in the drummer role, bringing incredible syncopations, steady beats, and incredible dynamics.  

Our other new member fill stye bassist slot.  Tim Gyton brings incredible technique, unrivaled playing, and the 7-string bass into the RTR fold.  Tim has played professionally for years, and has been seen in major indie bands Magazine Gap and The Navajo. 

Want to get to know the new guys?  They can be reached at Joel at reboottherobot dom com, and Tim at  Stay tuned for even more news in the near future!
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Pre-production on track! 

Well, it's almost time! Pre-production on the new album is going smoothly with producer Joel Tock.   For those of you that don't know Joel, he's the guy that produced the RTR remix album.  This album is going to have a lot of firsts on it, at least for RTR.  Firstly, we're producing it long distance.  Joel is in the US, and I'm in the UK.  It's definitely going to make things a bit challenging.  Also, we're conducting all the sessions via Skype.  Kind of crazy to think about! A few years ago this type of thing wouldn't be able to happen! 

We're also going a bit heavier with the louder, more rock-oriented tracks.  I think this is just the natural progression of things.  If you look back through the discography, things have always been a little louder and a little harder with each subsequent album, and so I think that growth will continue with this upcoming record.  I do have plans for an entirely acoustic album, though.  Staying close to my roots is important to me, and so I think a stripped down, straight forward acoustic album is definitely in the cards.  I'd also like to release a covers album, but that's just an idea for now.

The new album will be featuring guest vocals by Toby from Emery.  This is such a cool thing, because I grew up listening to Emery.  They had a profound impact on me, so to have their vocalist lay down vocals on my album is a pretty big deal.  Plus, those guys are just so damn nice you can't believe it. You guys are in for a treat with this record.  Also, this month is the 5 year anniversary of the "Nothing, Something, Everything" release date.  Man, that went by fast!

Thanks for all the support, you guys.  You're the greatest :)

Stream RTR's new EP on YouTube now! 

  "Remix The Robot: Remix Sessions", the upcoming EP release from Reboot The Robot, is now available to stream FREE on RTR's YouTube channel. Go now! "Remix The Robot: Remix Sessions" drops on November 20, 2012.

Big things happening! 

 Man, today was a really great day. I recieved a call from a producer (who I do not want to name just yet), but the guy's definitely worked on some music you're sure to have heard. And it looks like there might be a possibility that I can work with him on some new Reboot The Robot stuff. Sure do hope this pan out the way I'd like it to. Also, Marshall Lee from the phenominal band Ladybug Landslide will be playing drums on some Reboot The Robot stuff here in the not to distant future. Marshall is an incredibly talented drummer, and I cannot say enough great thing about the guy. Very excited about what may be coming. If something does come of it, I'll be sure to let you all know when the time comes!

New site is up! 

Hey everyone,

Thanks for checking out the new website. I'm pretty excited about it. I'll be blogging here from time to time, so feel free to check back whenever you want. In case you haven't yet, be sure to look around the site! We've got new items in the online store, and there's also digital downloads as well as physical CD's for purchase.  The newest photos are posted, as well as the newest videos from RTR, including the official video for "Losing You".  I'm still getting back to normal after being on tour for a month, but I assure you there's some pretty big things going on in the future. Here's hoping to see you sooner rather than later!



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  • Bout to play this show benefiting mental illnesses. #raisingmoney #worthycause
    Bout to play this show benefiting mental illnesses. #raisingmoney #worthycause
  • Don't tell me the tube screamer is better. The Bad Monkey rocks! #newrtralbum
    Don't tell me the tube screamer is better. The Bad Monkey rocks! #newrtralbum
  • Absolutely LOVE the sound of this guitar. #epiphone #crestwoodreissue
    Absolutely LOVE the sound of this guitar. #epiphone #crestwoodreissue
  • I'm tempted to play a show wearing these ninja turtle glasses. Yae? Nae? #keepshowsinteresting #gigsshouldbefun
    I'm tempted to play a show wearing these ninja turtle glasses. Yae? Nae? #keepshowsinteresting #gigsshouldbefun
  • This is what 40 vocal tracks look like. #newalbum
    This is what 40 vocal tracks look like. #newalbum
  • What a handsome fella! #bestfriend #bearware #squeaktoys
    What a handsome fella! #bestfriend #bearware #squeaktoys
  • Visited Abbey Road studios today in London #letitbe
    Visited Abbey Road studios today in London #letitbe
  • Studio's almost done!
    Studio's almost done!
  • Oh look, a new demo! #errydayimhustlin #newmusic #waffles
    Oh look, a new demo! #errydayimhustlin #newmusic #waffles